Why Are Black Widow And Hawkeye In The Avengers?

Why Are Black Widow And Hawkeye In The Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers, a superhero ensemble that houses beings of extraordinary powers, alien technologies, and even gods. Yet among these larger-than-life figures, stand two individuals who at first glance, seem out of place. Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, and Clint Barton, known as Hawkeye. Unlike their counterparts, these two don’t wield magic hammers or fly in high-tech suits; they don’t have superhuman strength or speed, nor do they transform into green giants when angry. So why are Black Widow and Hawkeye part of the Avengers?

The truth is, superpowers aren’t the defining quality that makes an Avenger. It is determination, courage, resourcefulness, and a dedication to justice that truly matters, qualities Black Widow and Hawkeye exemplify. With their unparalleled skill sets in espionage, hand-to-hand combat, and marksmanship, they hold their ground firmly, proving time and again that they are invaluable members of this elite group.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Black Widow and Hawkeye are part of the Avengers, despite not possessing superpowers. We’ll explore their origins, their unique skills, and the integral roles they play in the team dynamics. Prepare to venture beyond superpowers and discover what truly makes an Avenger.

Black Widow and Hawkeye, two of the most underappreciated members

Since the first Avengers movie came out many fans were asking themselves what is the point of Black Widow and Hawkeye since they have no special powers. To be fair, neither does Tony Stark have special powers (unless you count his intelligence as super power) but he does have special weapons (suits) which give him the ability to fly, shoot…

But first let’s see who is Black Widow really and who is Hawkeye.

Black Widow is a skilled assassin with difficult history

Black Widow is one of the most skilled assassins in the world and is highly trained in martial arts. Her name is Natasha Romanoff and she was born in the Soviet Union as Natalia Alianovna Romanova.

She was an orphan and was rescued during an attack on Stalingrad by a Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov, who looked after her and trained her.

As she grew older, her skill caught the attention of Soviet Intelligence, and she was recruited to KGB. In a World War II, she was taken by the Hand, who sought to make her a brainwashed master assassin but she was rescued by Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Logan (Wolverine).

After the World War II, she was in the Black Widow Program, in which young girls with similar skills were conditioned to become sleeper agents.  Natasha was trained at a facility called the Red Room, where she was enhanced with a certain serum, gifting her with peak human strength and stamina, as well as resistance to disease and slowed-down aging.

Why Are Black Widow And Hawkeye In The Avengers

During her Black Widow training she married Alexei Shostakov, a renowned test pilot. However, the KGB faked his death and Natasha’s grief over his death drove her further into the control of the Red Room and she finally earned the title of Black Widow.

Although she first worked against the Avengers and United States, eventually she ended up joining S.H.I.E.L.D. and eventually The Avengers.

When did Black Widow become an avenger?

Black Widow first joined The Avengers in Iron Man II. She helped Tony Stark defeat Ivan Vanko, who was trying to destroy him and the rest of The Avengers. Black Widow has been a member of The Avengers ever since.

Why are Black Widow and Hawkeye in The Avengers?

Hawkeye – skilled marksman

Hawkeye is one of the best marksman in the world. He can hit any target, no matter how far away it is. Hawkeye also has perfect aim, even when he’s not looking at his target. He uses special arrows that can do different things, like explode or release a net which makes him a very versatile member of The Avengers.

His real name is Clint Barton and at a very young age he lost his parents in a car crash which is why he spent six years in an orphanage. Yes, just like Natasha, Clint was also an orphan. Eventually he ran away from the orphanage with his brother to join the circus where Jacques Duquesne (Swordsman) took him under his wing and taught him how to use blades, while Buck Chisholm (Trick Shot) taught him archery.

Thanks to his learnt archery skills Clint became a huge carnival attraction, a master archer called “Hawkeye”, a.k.a. “The World’s Greatest Marksman”.

Hawkeye meets Black Widow

After Hawkeye saw Iron Man in action he was also inspired to become a costumed hero. However, Hawkeye was mistakenly accused of theft and thought to be a criminal and went on the run. While on the run, he met Black Widow, who at the time was a spy for the Soviet Union, and he fell in love with her. Since he was blinded but his affection towards Black Widow he helped her in attempt to steal Iron Man’s technology.

In altercation with Iron Man Black Widow was badly injured and Hawkeye rescued her. Before he was able to take her to the hospital Black Widow disappeared and after that Hawkeye decided to become a good guy.

What are Hawkeye’s trick arrows?

Some of Hawkeye’s trick arrows include explosive arrows, net arrows, and smoke arrows. He uses these to help take down his enemies and protect his teammates and there are twelve kinds of trick arrows as we know of (explosive arrow, pym arrow, suction cup arrow, onto grabber arrow, putty arrow, electromagnetic arrow, luminous arrow, acid arrow, trang arrow, needle arrow, sonic concussion arrow and airbag arrow).

So is Black Widow really that important for The Avengers?

Although she doesn’t have any special powers she if one the most important members of the group, often considered as the glue which holds them all together.

The fact she doesn’t have any superpowers is one of the reasons why she is probably the bravest avenger out there.  

Natasha had very difficult past and troubled childhood and she could’ve easily become a villain, but she chose to be on the good side and to help people. She often has the crucial role in the movies – for instance she is one of few people who could manipulate a god – Loki.

Although she doesn’t have superpowers we have to remember that said she has been enhanced by biotechnology which makes her body resistant to aging and disease, she heals much faster and therefore has amazing peak physical condition.

Why Are Black Widow And Hawkeye In The Avengers

She is also a world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, capable of numerous complex maneuvers. She is also an expert martial artist in karate, judo, boxing, aikido, jujitsu, savate, etc. She is an excellent marksman and weapons specialist and great at espionage.

Also, Natasha is a gifted hacker and has uncanny affinity for psychological manipulation and she can mask her real emotions whenever needed.

You cannot win a war with just brute strength, The Avengers are much more than that

As Nick Fury, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. once said: “The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people…”

And Natasha is exactly that – a remarkable human. Being a superhero is not just about having superpowers. It is so much more because you need to have a set of values that make you go beyond limits of an ordinary human for extraordinary actions.

For instance, why did they chose Steve Rogers to become Captain America? It certainly wasn’t because of his physical attributes but because of his values and mental strength.

In The Avengers, Natasha jumped on an alien aircraft, killed one of its occupants, incapacitated the other, and commandeered the aircraft. She lured Loki and had Hawkeye shoot him and bring him down. This is superhero move if we ever saw one.

Is Hawkeye an important Avenger?

We won’t say that he is the most important Avenger, but he is definitely one of the most important Avengers without whom Avengers wouldn’t even exist as a group.

Just like Natasha he doesn’t have any physical superpowers but he holds the group together and his contribution in immeasurable because he is basically the grounding character. He constantly reminds the rest of the team what they’re fighting for. He’s just a guy with a bow trying to fight the good fight for the good guys and they respect him for it. In addition, he is also a moral guide for the Avengers. Hawkeye is a really good guy, often risking his life with no powers in fights that can claim the lives of superheroes and gods.

Aside from the fact that he is a skilled tactician and a leader, he is needed for the team’s moral. If you put the most powerful heroes together with no leader and have no one to break up the fight when needed, they tear each other apart, and Hawkeye prevents this.

You get it, Hawkeye is valuable contribution to the team, but more importantly he’s the glue that holds them all together. And remember, he is the one who didn’t kill Natasha when he had a chance and decided to give her a second chance even though she was a famous assassin. In fact he is the only reason Black Widow is on the team at all.