Stranger Things: Is Jim Hopper A Bad Guy?

Stranger Things: Is Jim Hopper A Bad Guy

There has been a lot of speculation about the character of Jim Hopper from the hit show Stranger Things, and one of series main protagonists. Some people think that he is a bad guy, while others believe that he is just misunderstood. In this post, we will take a look at the evidence for both sides and try to come to a conclusion about what kind of person Jim Hopper really is.

Well the fact is he is actually a good guy although sometimes it doesn’t look like it, but we’ll try to explain it all in this Jim Hopper analysis…

What Do We Know About Jim Hopper So Far And Is He An Anti Hero?

Jim Hopper, nicknamed Hop, is a character from the Netflix series Stranger Things, played by an actor David Harbour. Actor David Harbour is 44 years and Chief Jim Hopper is in his early 40s.

He lives in Hawkins, Indiana, where he also works as the chief of police in Hawkins Police Department and investigates the strange happenings in the town. He lived in Hawkins almost all his life and attended high school with Joyce Byers and Bob Newby.

Hop is divorced and he and his ex wife had a daughter, Sara who died of cancer, which caused him to lapse into alcoholism and taking pills to cope with the grief, and also led to divorce from his wife.

There are a few things that make people believe that Jim Hopper is a bad guy. One of these is the fact that he was an alcoholic. This is something that he has struggled with in the past, and it seems like it could easily come back to haunt him again. Additionally, Hopper has been known to be quite violent when provoked and had some rather sudden bursts of rage.

Good Guy Or Bad Guy Or Just Misunderstood? Why Is Jim Hopper So Angry?

Well there are many things that suggest Jim Hopper is in fact a good guy, despite some of his flaws. Perhaps those flaws were given to his character to make him more human since we all make mistakes now and them.

But we can see that he is a good guy as he has shown himself to be incredibly brave on multiple occasions. He has also been fiercely loyal to his friends, even when they don’t necessarily deserve it. Additionally, Hopper has a deep love for Eleven, and acts as a real father figure which explains why he is so protective of her.

So Hopper is actually a good guy. Definitely a good guy but he struggles with his inner demons and suffers immensely since the death of his daughter Sara. Hopper was her father and he always thought of himself as someone who was supposed to protect her. Unfortunately this was one battle he couldn’t win nor protect his daughter from a deadly disease which is why he sometimes feels like he failed her, so no wonder that he is often mad at a whole world after such loss.

Is Jim Hopper Abusive?

Stranger Things: Is Jim Hopper A Bad Guy

This is one of the main questions that people have about his character. While it is true that he has been violent in the past, it should be noted that this was always in self-defense or in the defense of others. Additionally, Hopper has a deep love for his adopted daughter, Eleven, which suggests that he is capable of great care and compassion. So, while Jim Hopper may not be perfect, it seems fair to say that he is ultimately a good guy.

Jim Hopper Is A Vietnam Vet

In the episode Will the Wise in Season 2 we found out (or rather it was implied) that Hop is a veteran of the Vietnam War. When we take this fact in consideration it probably means that Hoppers suffers from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) as a result of his time in the war  which would explain his (sometimes rather violent) temper and sudden mood changes.                                                                                                    

Is Jim Hooper In Love With Joyce?

This is something that has been speculated about for a while, and it’s hard to say for sure. On the one hand, there are definitely some moments where it seems like Jim Hopper is in love with Joyce. He is always quick to comfort her and he always looks out for her. Additionally, Hopper has even admitted that he cares about Joyce more than anyone else.

So it would probably be fair to say that Hopper is either in love with Joyce Byers or he is falling love with her.                                                                                      

Why Did Hopper Break Up El And Mike And Does Hopper Even Like Mike?

In Season 3, Hopper tries to break up El and Mike because he taught their relationship was moving too fast and he felt it would endanger El in a way that she would let her guard down and would be easily traced that way,

But although they have their differences, Hop still wants Mike to be safe, and even tells him to be careful before the final attack, which must mean that he cares for Mike and is starting to support his relationship with Eleven.

Eleven Is Hopper’s Daughter

Although Eleven is not Hoppers biological daughter she is his adopted daughter. Eleven was born as Jane Ives and her biological mother was Teresa “Terry” Ives, who was a participant in the Project MKUltra experiments conducted by the CIA.

We don’t know who El’s biological father is but many fans theorized that her biological father might be Dr. Martin Brenner himself, one of the main antagonists in the series.

In the series Dr. Owens has forged a birth certificate that allowed Hopper to become Eleven’s legal adoptive father and that way he could help keep her in hiding. After adoption Eleven’s new legal name was Jane Hopper although she still preferred Eleven or simply El.

So If He Loves Her Why Is Hopper Mean To Eleven?

Well things aren’t always black and white. It may seem that Hopper is sometimes mean to Eleven but the truth is he means best. His heart is in a right place but he just doesn’t know any better.

He is overprotective of her and is afraid that he might lose her just like he lost his daughter Sara. This time he wants to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Unfortunately in his best intentions he often crosses the line and says the things he shouldn’t say and does the things he shouldn’t do.

This is way it is often very confusing to determine whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy but our opinion is that he is definitely a good guy and we believe that the creators of the show wanted to portray him as a good guy.