Star Wars: Can The Force Be Destroyed?

Star Wars: Can The Force Be Destroyed

Have you ever wondered can the Force in Star Wars be destroyed? What exactly is the Force and can anyone use it? If it can be destroyed how can it be destroyed?

Theoretically the Force can be destroyed since there have been some hints, but there’s no definite proof. However, will try to explain it all in this article so stay with us and find out the answers. But first let’s see what the Force actually is.

What is the Force?

The Force is the energy field of life that is shared between all living things. If someone is able to use it (control it) it allows them to extend that pressure outwards onto other things in universe which includes telepathy, telekinesis, telepresence, spirit attack and enhanced durability. The Force is an energy field. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the whole galaxy together.

It is an energy field which is present everywhere and flowing through everything. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Some are able to harness it and transform it into other kinds of energy (already mentioned telekinesis, mental suggestion, precognition, physical enhancements, etc.).

In the movies, the Force is said to be created by living beings and Force sensitivity is explained by the presence of micro-organisms (midi-chlorians) within people.

The Force is first described by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as an energy field created by all living things that surrounds and penetrates living beings and binds the galaxies together.

It exists everywhere where there is life. In Empire Strikes Back, it is said by Yoda that it is even around the rocks, trees, and the ship.

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi says: It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.  This description implies that without the Force, the entire universe would cease to exist.

Star Wars: Can The Force Be Destroyed

In The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon says that midi-chlorians (an organelle in all living cells) are needed for life as well.

Although there’s no simple definition we know that the Force is generated by all living things, it is all around us. We know that midi-chlorians are the medium through which people are made aware of the Force. Midi-chlorians are an organelle essential to the basic processes of life. Without the Force, life as we know it would end, and the universe would cease to exist.

The Force is Everywhere in the Universe But Not Everyone Can Channel It

Before we were introduced to the midi-chlorians, one could say that channeling it was simply the level of connection one had with the Force.

But now it seems that the midi-chlorians act as both a connection to the Force but also as limiters regarding how much of the Force one can channel. This of course imposes some birth factor limitations because what one can do with the Force much depends on the concentration of midi-chlorians in person’s body.

If a person has low percentage of midi-chlorians in their body they were much more limited than what other people with a higher percentage of midi-chlorians could do.

We know that the Force can be used as telekinesis, telepathy (mind trick), psionic, healing power, teleportation, spatial warping, precognition, clairvoyance, etc., and all these powers, even the magnitude one can use them, is determined by person’s midi-chlorian count.

Can Anyone Use the Force? Can Anyone Learn How to Use the Force?

Well now, after we were introduced to midi-chlorians we know that the answer to that question is simply no.

Before introduction of midi-chlorians it was believed that anyone with enough training and will power could’ve become force sensitive. So you are either born force sensitive or you’re not.

General Grievous is great example for that as he was trained by Count Dooku himself, and he could learn the lightsaber combat side of things, but he could never wield the Force because he wasn’t born as force sensitive.

So in order to use the Force you must have a high enough midi-chlorian count.

Star Wars, can the force be destroyed

Force Destruction

Force Destruction is a dark side Force power that was used by Dark Jedi and Sith, allowing them to create a huge energy field and cast it in any direction.

When using Force Destruction it required a great deal of focus and concentration and it could only be used a couple of times without requiring the user to rest. An identical variant to this power was the ability known as Force Burst, where the user would release a telekinetic blast by releasing the stored up Force energy within their body.

Can the Force Be Destroyed?

Theoretically yes but this might mean the end of all life (although there are forms of life that can exist cut off from the Force – the Yuuzan Vong). It was explained how they were cut off from the Force but stayed alive without it despite everything that has been said about its relation to all living things.

One might argue that the Yuuzan Vong just weren’t Force sensitive. That is usually what being cut off from the Force meant in similar situations. But the Yuuzan Vong couldn’t even be affected by the Force. So they were absent with the Force and yet still able to live somehow and that is what made them so dangerous to the Jedi especially.

So if we take that into consideration, it is possible to consider that the Force could be destroyed and life in a way could still exist, but the question is for how long.

Like we said, the Force is an energy field created by all living things so if there was no life, there would be no Force. So you could theoretically destroy the Force by destroying all life in the universe.

The Infamous Midi-Chlorians – What Are They?

Star Wars: Can The Force Be Destroyed

We were first introduced to midi-chlorians in The Phantom Menace in 1999. It caused mixed feelings with the fans as one part embraced it while others were totally disappointed by that concept because the essence of the Force became less spiritual and more scientific.

Midi-chlorians are a microscopic life form that resides within people. They are a conduit between a life form and the Force since all life forms (except for the Yuuzhan Vong) have them. If a person possesses a certain threshold in the number of midi-chlorians per cell that meant they were Force Sensitive and could learn to use the Force practically if sentient. Non-sentient Force Sensitive life forms could use it passively.

Anakin Skywalker had over 20,000 midi-chlorians per cell which means that he could channel the Force much more easily than other Force Sensitives who had fewer midi-chlorian counts could.

So the number of midi-chlorians determines how attuned one can become with the Force.

Why Were Midi-Chlorians Introduced in 1999? We Were Doing Fine Without Them So Far

Well they were implemented because it was needed to explain why Anakin Skywalker was going to be the chosen one, and why was he so powerful, why Darth Vader was so feared as well as why Yoda was considered so powerful.

The higher one’s midi-chlorian count is the more potential they had with accessing and using the Force. This is why Anakin Skywalker after only 10 years of training got so close to rivaling Mace Windu with lightsaber techniques.

Through the midi-chlorians organic life becomes aware of and capable of communicating with the Force.

Midi-chlorians are intelligent microscopic life-form that lives symbiotically inside the cells of all living things. When present in sufficient number they allow their host to detect the energy field known as the Force.

Midi-chlorian counts are linked to potential in the Force, ranging from normal levels of 2,500 per cell to the much higher levels (those of Jedi). Anakin Skywalker, who was thought to have been conceived by the midi-chlorians, had the highest known midi-chlorian count (over 20,000 per cell).

Number of midi-chlorian can be determined through a blood test. This is how Jedi located Force sensitive children before they were purged by the Galactic Empire. After rise of the Empire, research into Jedi and the Force was banned, and knowledge of midi-chlorians was diminished and inquiries into them were considered as an illegal medical research. After the New Jedi Order was founded the midi-chlorians were rediscovered.