How is Dickie Moltisanti Related to Tony Soprano?

How is Dickie Moltisanti Related to Tony Soprano

The world of The Sopranos is rich with characters whose tales of loyalty, betrayal, and power weave an intricate tapestry of organized crime in New Jersey. Among the pivotal figures echoing throughout the series is Dickie Moltisanti, even though he never sets foot in the current timeline of the show. His influence, however, is deeply felt, especially by the iconic mob boss Tony Soprano.

To lay it out simply, Dickie Moltisanti is Christopher Moltisanti’s father and played a mentor-like role to a young Tony, effectively making him Tony’s indirect brother-in-law since he was married to Tony’s cousin. But, like many relationships in this intense series, the ties between Dickie and Tony are layered with complexities and historical nuances. Let’s delve deep into the intricate connection between these two characters and unravel the threads that bind them.

The Legacy of Dickie Moltisanti

In The Sopranos, we never actually get to meet Dickie Moltisanti, for he was killed before the events of the series. However, his presence is felt throughout, and he’s often referenced, particularly by Christopher and Tony. His name is surrounded by an aura of respect and admiration.

Dickie was a notable figure in the DiMeo crime family, which would later become the Soprano crew. Being involved in several illicit businesses, he was known for his charisma, leadership skills, and strategic mind, qualities that endeared him to many and made him a significant figure in the New Jersey mafia landscape.

Dickie’s Influence on Tony Soprano

While we don’t witness the firsthand interactions between a young Tony Soprano and Dickie, it is clear from the way Tony speaks of him that Dickie played a foundational role in his life. Tony often recalls Dickie with a sense of reverence and attributes many of his own leadership skills and values to the lessons he learned from him. In many ways, Dickie served as a surrogate father figure for Tony, especially considering the often rowdy relationship Tony had with his own father, Johnny Soprano.

Tony’s connection with Dickie may also have intensified because of their shared family ties. As mentioned earlier, Dickie was married to Tony’s cousin. This marriage made their bond even stronger, merging the realms of personal and professional, family and “family.”

Christopher’s Relationship With Tony and the Shadow of Dickie

The relationship between Tony and Christopher Moltisanti, Dickie’s son, is multi-layered and central to the series’ narrative. Tony sees a lot of Dickie in Christopher and often feels a sense of responsibility towards him, partly due to his deep respect for Dickie. This sense of responsibility, coupled with the fact that Christopher is his nephew, places Tony in a protective role.

Christopher, on the other hand, looks up to Tony, viewing him as both a mentor and a paternal figure. Yet, he also grapples with the weight of his father’s legacy, and at times, feels overshadowed by the larger-than-life tales of Dickie’s exploits. The bond between Tony and Christopher is a complex one, filled with mutual admiration, yet strained by expectations and the ghosts of the past.

The Impact of Dickie’s Death

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The circumstances of Dickie’s death remain a shadowy part of The Sopranos lore. It’s hinted that his demise might have been orchestrated by someone within the DiMeo crime family. This mysterious element adds a layer of intrigue to his legacy, making him a somewhat mythic figure in the Sopranos universe.

Tony’s knowledge or beliefs regarding Dickie’s death are never fully disclosed. However, the event undeniably shaped his approach to the mob life, possibly instilling in him a deep-seated sense of caution and the realization of the fragility of trust within the mafia hierarchy.

Influence in the Broader Sopranos Universe

The legacy of Dickie Moltisanti doesn’t just end with The Sopranos. His story and influence are further explored in the film The Many Saints of Newark, which delves into the earlier years of the New Jersey mafia, including the formative years of a young Tony Soprano.

This film provides viewers with a more detailed look at the life and times of Dickie, showcasing the impact he had on those around him, including the future mob boss, Tony.

The relationship between Dickie Moltisanti and Tony Soprano is emblematic of the intricate ties that bind the characters in The Sopranos. It’s a testament to the series’ depth and narrative prowess that a character we never truly meet can have such a profound influence on the story and its characters.

Through this relationship, we see the blending of family, loyalty, and the impact of the past on the present. It underscores the show’s central themes of identity, legacy, and the often-blurry line between personal and professional allegiances in the world of organized crime.

Why Did Dickie Avoid Tony?

Dickie Moltisanti does start distancing himself from a young Tony Soprano. After visiting his uncle Sal in prison, where he attempts to cover up the true circumstances of his mistress’s death, Sal gives Dickie a piece of advice that deeply resonates with him. Sal suggests that the most beneficial thing Dickie can do for Tony is to remain absent from his life.

Taking this counsel seriously, Dickie begins to deliberately avoid Tony. He evades Tony’s phone calls and sidesteps their previously common meetings, leading to noticeable confusion and sadness on Tony’s part.

What Happened to Dickie Moltisanti?

In The Many Saints of Newark, which delves into the history of several characters from The Sopranos, Dickie Moltisanti’s death plays a central role.

Throughout the movie, Dickie’s relationship with his father, “Hollywood” Dick Moltisanti, and a young Giusseppe “Joey” Sasso is depicted. Dickie ends up killing his father after catching him with a younger woman, Giuseppina, whom Dickie later becomes involved with. However, as the film progresses, Dickie’s relationship with Giuseppina becomes tumultuous, leading him to kill her in a fit of rage.

Harold McBrayer, another character in the movie, is a former associate of Dickie’s who later becomes his rival. While the film builds tension between these two characters, making it seem like one could be responsible for the other’s death, Harold does not play a direct role in Dickie’s demise.

In the end, it’s revealed that Dickie is killed by a hitman. The person behind the order is a shock to viewers: Junior Soprano, who is Tony’s uncle. Junior orders the hit out of envy and resentment. He overhears a joke made by Tony and Dickie at his expense regarding his inability to maintain an erection. Junior’s pride is deeply wounded, leading him to order Dickie’s assassination.

So, while The Sopranos TV series initially suggested Detective Barry Haydu was responsible for Dickie’s death, The Many Saints of Newark provides a deeper and more nuanced backstory, revealing that it was Junior Soprano who ultimately ordered the hit on Dickie Moltisanti.

Who Is the Cousin of Tony Soprano?

Tony Soprano has several cousins in The Sopranos series, but the most prominently mentioned is Christopher Moltisanti. Christopher often refers to Tony as his uncle, but in actual terms of familial relations, Christopher is Tony’s first cousin once removed. This is because Christopher’s father, Dickie Moltisanti, was the cousin of Tony Soprano.

Another notable cousin of Tony’s is Tony Blundetto, who is introduced in the fifth season of the series. Tony B, as he’s sometimes called, is released from prison and tries to lead a legitimate life before getting pulled back into the mob’s activities.

Why Does Tony Call Christopher His Nephew?

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While Christopher Moltisanti is technically Tony Soprano’s first cousin once removed, Tony refers to him as his “nephew” out of affection and to denote their close bond. In Italian-American families, especially within the context of The Sopranos, it’s not uncommon for close family members to use such terms of endearment that may not align precisely with the technical genealogical relationship.

The term “nephew” here signifies a more intimate familial relationship, emphasizing the mentor-mentee dynamic between Tony and Christopher. This relationship dynamic is especially relevant in the mob world, where close ties and trust are of paramount importance.

Did Tony Soprano Have Another Sister?

Yes, Tony Soprano had two sisters. While Janice Soprano, the older sister, is more frequently present and involved in various storylines throughout The Sopranos series, he also has a younger sister named Barbara Soprano Giglione. Barbara is the least involved in the series among the Soprano siblings and tends to stay away from the family’s criminal activities.

She is more in the background, appearing only occasionally during family gatherings and events. Barbara’s character serves to contrast the lives of those who are deeply enmeshed in the mob world versus those who maintain a distance from it.

Who Is the Mother of Christopher Moltisanti?

The mother of Christopher Moltisanti is Joanne Moltisanti. She is mentioned several times in The Sopranos series but doesn’t play a major role in the show’s storylines. Dickie Moltisanti, Christopher’s father, was murdered when Christopher was very young, leaving Joanne to raise him.

The early loss of his father and its impact on his life is a recurring theme for Christopher throughout the series.

Jackie Aprile Sr., who is often mentioned in the early parts of The Sopranos series, is not a blood relative of Tony Soprano. However, the two share a close bond as they grew up together, and both were deeply involved in the mob world. Jackie and Tony were close friends and associates within the DiMeo crime family. Jackie was the acting boss of the family before he died of cancer.

It’s worth noting that their families are intertwined in other ways. Jackie’s son, Jackie Aprile Jr., becomes romantically involved with Tony’s daughter, Meadow, for a period of time. Additionally, Tony and Jackie Sr.’s brother, Richie Aprile, have several interactions, often tense, during Richie’s time on the show. However, there is no direct blood relation between the Aprile and Soprano families.